Faculty of Political Science

4. BlueBlackSea International Congress



Local and International Perspectives for Conflict Resolution, Cooperation and Democratization

November 25-26, 2013

Marmara University, Faculty of Political Sciences,

Anadolu Hisarı Campus, İstanbul



Announcement/Call for Papers

We are pleased to announce the “4th BLUE BLACK SEA INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS on POLITICS, ECONOMICS AND SOCIETY: Local and International Perspectives for Conflict Resolution, Cooperation and Democratization” which will be held in İstanbul, Turkey, on 25-26 November 2013. 

The Blue Black Sea Congress (BBSC) aims to create an academic environment for scholars, researchers, local authorities, representatives of the business world, students, NGO leaders, activists, and other professionals who are working particularly on Black Sea Region in international context. It provides an opportunity to discuss the regional problems related to local governments, human rights, environment, economics, finance, logistics and politics, to analyze the prospects for cooperation between the central and local governments, the business world and the academy in the region, and to explore the venues for sustainable development and for peaceful resolution of the ongoing conflicts. The Blue Black Sea Congress provides academicians and researchers from various backgrounds as well as executives from local and central government institutions a chance to discuss their projects and studies and to exchange ideas while expanding their academic/professional networks. Academicians, researchers, experts from local and central governments, and representatives of the business world who are working on the Black Sea region with their papers from politics, economics and other social sciences and related disciplines are welcome to participate in the Congress.



Conference Topics

Areas of interest for this Congress on local & international dimensions of regional cooperation in the Black Sea Basin include, but are not limited to, the following topics:

  1. Black Sea Region in Regional and Global Politics
  2. Conflict and Peace in Wider Black Sea Region
  3. Areas of and Prospects for Local Government Cooperation in the Black Sea Region
  4. Regional Economic Cooperation in the Field of Finance, Energy, Transportation, Tourism etc.
  5. The Role of Local Governments in the Resolution of Political Problems and Conflicts between States
  6. Regional Energy Policies and Pipelines
  7. Problems in Transportation and Prospects for Cooperation
  8. Fundamental Problems of Local Government in the Black Sea Region
  9. Central and Local Government Cooperation for Sustainable Utilization of Fisheries and Other Sea Resources
  10. Paradiplomacy, City Diplomacy and Regional Peace
  11. The Practice of Town Twinning and the Impact of International Local Government Unions
  12. Problems in Local and National Democratization and Political Participation in the Black Sea Region
  13. International Legal Disputes in the Black Sea Region
  14. Environmental Problems in the Wider Black Sea Region and Prospects for Cooperation Between Local & Central Governments As Well As Public & Private Sectors
  15. Religion, Identity, Culture, Social Change, Migration and Minority Politics
  16. Regional and Global Organizations in the Black Sea Region
  17. The Impact of Other Global Problems, Particularly the Ones Related to MiddleEast, on the Foreign Policies of States in the Wider BlackSea Region
  18. Other Economic, Social and Political Topics Related to International Relations and Local Governments


Submission of Abstracts

Each applicant should submit an abstract in English (max. 250 words) and a brief CV (max. 100 words) explaining his/her academic affiliation, and research interests by using “abstract submission form” at http://dosya.marmara.edu.tr/syf/blueblacksea2013/AbstractForm.docx

Abstracts are to be submitted by October 21, 2013 through blueblacksea2013@gmail.com e-mail address. The deadline for full text submission is November 18, 2013.

Applicants can submit a paper in English or Turkish. Selected papers will be published in the conference proceedings book.


Conference Fee:

For the Audience the Congress is Free of Charge.


For the participants who will present a paper during the Congress, Conference Fee is 50 Euros for students and research assistants; and 100 Euros for other participants payable by bank transfer or upon registration. The fee covers expenses for conference materials and dining costs during the conference. The guest house residence for participants is free of charge and the travel expenses of selected participants will be provided on the basis of organization committee’s discretion.


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